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St Andrews Forest Lodges is in Kincaple near St Andrews More info

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Discover the Lodges & Log Cabins in Fife

Discover the Lodges & Log Cabins in Fife

The Kingdom of Fife, commonly known as simply Fife, is an extremely versatile area in the east of Scotland. Holidaymakers will be surprised at how rich this area is, both in its sites and in its heritage. It has often been hailed as the perfect holiday destination, and for a good reason. Here you can find amazing natural wealth, a stunning coastline, world-class golf courses, magnificent views and charming fishing villages. There is also a wealth of accommodation choices – here are some of the better ones which will make your holiday truly special.

Log cabins are a popular choice with both younger and older holidaymakers, and log cabin holidays in Fife provide you with everything you need for peace and relaxation. If you want to plan a great honeymoon or just want to relax with your loved ones with the secluded and luxury log cabin breaks are great because they have private hot tubs, which makes planning romantic getaways in Fife easy.

Log cabins are usually located in a patch of forest or a field, which makes them tranquil and a bit isolated, but they’re also close to all the most important sites. Renting a lodge is also a popular option, and the lodges in Fife are numerous and extremely well equipped for self catering breaks. So if you want to take your mind of everyday concerns and recharge your batteries, all of these options are amazing!