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Riverview Country Park is near Mundole in Morayshire. The lodge More info


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Find Family Lodges & Log Cabins in Morayshire

Family Holidays in Morayshire

Don’t know where you’re going on your holiday this year? Why not choose the charming and popular Morayshire? This area boasts amazing nature and exquisite food, as well as history and cultural heritage. It has everything you could ask for in a great holiday destination! Explore small sleepy villages or go shopping in a town, eat local dishes in great restaurants or have a pint in a charming bar – whatever your preferences, this lovely area will provide.

If you’re looking for romantic hot tub breaks in Morayshire, the opportunities are more than plentiful! Hot tubs are often included when you book one of the family lodges to rent or a log cabin. There are also many cottages in Morayshire which have an outdoor private hot tub. Log cabins also usually have a fully functional kitchen and bathroom, a nice patio, great views and all the necessary appliances for self catering breaks, which is what makes log cabin holidays in Morayshire so popular.

If you want to spend this year’s weekend breaks somewhere special, renting a log cabin is a great idea, especially if you’re planning on a romantic break with your significant other. There are also many luxurious lodges in Morayshire which you can book for a bargain!